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More excerpts are linked to my official webpage for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE. March 24, 2018: Cinema Blend reports that season three of the Starz Outlander TV series (which premiered last fall in the U.S.A.) will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and as a digital download beginning on April 10, 2018 in the U.S. The couple has three children: Sam, Jenny, and Laura. The Third Day of Advent (December 17, 2018). “The White Sow,” released on October 12, 2020. Please click to read my blog for more information. I am currently writing and doing the historical research for this new novel. This is the only official website for Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series of major novels, the Lord John series, and other works. The show is adapted from the Outlander book series, with the first installment written by author Diana Gabaldon in 1991. These new episodes are inspired by events from DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, my second major novel in the OUTLANDER series, first published in July, 1992. 23,570 talking about this. A special book release party featuring Theresa and Diana Gabaldon will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 25, also! And how better to celebrate than to watch Episode 408—“Wilmington”—and discuss it with your friends? A hardcover copy of this new book signed by Diana and Theresa will be included in your event admission ticket ($40)! The yellow cover is U.S./Canada; the blue cover is U.K./Australia/N.Z. She’d dressed her part, as a modest minister’s wife, and smoothed her skirt and bodice. Sony International has shared dates for release of Season 3 in Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital formats for many countries around the globe! Hours are Wednesdays to Sundays from Noon to 5:00 p.m. (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.) (It’s already out in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.) On January 8, Claire Foy (The Crown) won the category at the awards ceremony. episode to the OUTLANDER TV show! Gabaldon began the first volume of the series, Outlander, in the late 1980s, and it was published in 1991. The Starz series is based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon - but why did the author describe the Jamie actor "grotesque"? See my officialappearances page for more information on this event! Also, Diana announces that, although BEES will not be published in 2017, SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL will be released in April. Read more…. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is not just romance, though romance is a big part of it and it's one of the best things about it. Doctor Who and Outlander. All first-person text was written by Diana Gabaldon. Outlander (9 books) by. Have you read my latest Excerpts (aka “Daily Lines”) from GO TELL THE BEES THAT I HAVE GONE? Happy Solstice! Masks image: The large mask next to me is actually a contemporary piece—it’s a bronze by an artist named Hib Sabin, and is called “Raven Mask (Large).” We’ve always called it the Plague Doctor, though, for obvious reasons…. About Topics Video Praise Books Media. My holiday blogs: The Third Day of Advent (December 17, 2018), which features an excerpt from THE FIERY CROSS. Diana Gabaldon on What the Outlander Season 5 Finale Says About Claire and Jamie’s Bond. And it turns out that Wakins often provides her helpful criticism. Catriona Balfe was nominated as Best Actress and Tobias Menzies as Best Supporting Actor in a dramatic TV series. My birthday was always the coldest day of the year. The Fourth Day of Advent (December 23, 2018). Official website; Gabaldon, Diana (October 2, 2006). This page was last updated on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, 2019 at 10:45 p.m. (Pacific Time) by Diana Herself or Diana’s Webmistress. If you’re interested in my writing process, check out my blog entry titled, “Want to Watch Me Write?” from September, 2016…. By Paulette Cohn @paulette49 More by Paulette. Brief Explanation Of How Publishing Works, my blog entry from January 5, 2020. For more information at any time about my progress on BEES, and to access excerpts (aka “Daily Lines”) released so far, please visit my official BEES webpage at: http://www.dianagabaldon.com/books/outlander-series/book-nine-outlander-series/, Quick Links: Blog | Appearances | News | Chronology | Books Signed By Me | Outlander TV Series. Click here to read “Happy Summer Solstice.”. The Case of Harlequin Enterprises and Sweden" (PDF). 30,515 talking about this. Fans can step into 18th century Parisian society, where they will be able to view actual set pieces from Outlander production designer, Jon Gary Steele, life-size episodic photography, and behind-the-scenes video segments.". UK - Waterstones. Ms. Vineyard should have checked with me first; I am not difficult to find. Current information about BEES is posted on my official BEES webpage, where you may access sample excerpts or “Daily Lines”, also. Exciting news! Click here for more information about the Wedding Claire Bear, signed copies of my books, and other merchandise available from the Pen. Please check back on this website periodically for news. It had been one of those beautiful days of early autumn, when the sun is bright and warm at its zenith, but a chill creeps in at dawn and dusk and the nights are cold enough to make a good fire, a good thick quilt and a good man … For consistency purposes, we'll be referencing the timeline of events on Diana Gabaldon's website here. It will probably be published some time in 2020. The ninth book in the OUTLANDER series now has a title: GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE. Click here if you’d like to purchase a copy of this special edition signed by me from the Poisoned Pen bookstore, who will ship anywhere in the world! Read more in my blog from June 7, 2017, including a new excerpt, titled “Scalps,” from one of my stories in SEVEN STONES! # DailyLines # GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE # NOitisntfinishedyet # Illtellyouwhenitis # GoReadCLANLANDS # whileyourewaiting. Dear Readers, I am getting close to finishing the writing of and research for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, Book Nine of my Outlander series. Be assured as soon as a U.S. publication date is known, it will be prominently posted here on my official homepage and on my official BEES webpage! The mass-market (small size) paperback of MOBY (aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (My Own Heart’s Blood = MOHB = MOH-B = MOBY. “Conservation of Mass,” released on September 5, 2020. The eighth and most recent volume of the series, Written in My Own Heart's Blood, was published in 2014.Gabaldon is currently writing the ninth novel, … Happy St. Nicholas’s Day! Here are the most recent, listed by the excerpt’s temporary title: “Mystery Meat,” released on November 25, 2020. … In essence, these novels are Big, Fat, … Copies of this new edition of MOBY signed by me are available from the Poisoned Pen bookstore. Diana was raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. Note that these sample excerpts of my new book may contain minor spoilers. The GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE webpage has links to other excerpts from my new novel. The Fourth Day of Advent (December 23, 2012). You may also join me in multiple current discussions about my books and short fiction on TheLitForum.com You’ll need to create your account (with a user name and password) to join in; just follow the instructions on the website. And you may enjoy my blog entry about the Fourth Sunday from six years ago, too: The Fourth Day of Advent (December 23, 2012), which features an excerpt from WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. She is the daughter of Tony Gabaldon (father), and Jacqueline Sykes (mother). "Sometimes," William answered honestly. View all 336 posts » Series by Diana Gabaldon. Click to read the announcement and details on my blog…, Diana turned 65 years old on January 11, 2017! Live in Southern California? Thanks! No establishment of your own, yet.". December 13 at 3:37 AM. “Captured,” released on September 20, 2020. Many, many thanks to the very talented Jeremy Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios (www.clockpunkstudios.com), who did the new design (and guided me through the maze of learning to work with WordPress). For videos, visit my YouTube page. December 5, 2019. Visit the sign-up page to start receiving free e-newsletters distributed by Random House (U.S.) More information…. On her site, Gabaldon writes that Claire falls through the stones on May … Later, he became a supervisor of Coconino County. Archived from the original on November 24, 2010; Gabaldon, Diana (October 1, 2007). Diana Gabaldon is married; her husband’s name is Doug Watkins. She spent a month in Scotland as it was being filmed. DianaGabaldon.com (Podcast). © 2020 Diana Gabaldon. My Appearances page is updated regularly, but at irregular intervals as events are confirmed. After BEES is published, I will write Book Ten (no title yet), which will be the last book in the OUTLANDER series of major novels that focus on Jamie and Claire. Spark some joy with amazing auction packages, including a virtual pr... ivate chat with me! There are lots of celebrations in the Big Apple from Monday, April 4th through Saturday, April 9th celebrating the broadcast premiere of Season 2 of the Outlander TV series! So in honor of the occasion , here is (what I think will be) Roger’s first scene from BEES…, “Roger Wakes In A New Old Place.”. Robin Hobb and The Fan Fiction Rant (2005); George R. R. Martin and Someone is … NO BEES PUBLICATION DATE HAS BEEN SET YET! It will be a 90-minute episode, instead of the usual one hour, and is titled “Dragonfly in Amber” after the second book in the OUTLANDER series of novels. This is the only official website for Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series of major novels, the Lord John series, and other works. The publishers will determine the final release date. (Clickable icons are below. His parents haven’t yet decided on a name and we won’t know for sure what color his hair is until he has his first bath tomorrow, but we love him dearly, and are so grateful to all of you for your thoughts, good wishes, prayers and sweet gifts. Thanks! Alrighty, then! “My Father?” from Thanksgiving Day, 2017. (Reposted on my 62nd birthday.). On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, I posted a new, short excerpt (aka “Daily Lines” entry) from BEES. There are currently eight books in the series. Image at right. (Clickable icons are below. BEES does not have a publication date set yet! Check out my suggestions of books that I recommend by other authors in my Methadone List. The Poisoned Pen is offering Claire Wedding Bears for sale with a special heart-shaped tag signed by me. And enjoy a special excerpt from DRUMS OF AUTUMN—chosen by me especially for the holidays—in my blog post from Friday, December 25, 2015. The second season of the Outlander TV series concludes on July 9 in the U.S.A. at 9 p.m. on Starz. His uncle s face looked relaxed, almost wistful in the fading light. On January 19, I posted a new excerpt from Book Nine of the OUTLANDER series, which I am working on now: It was a sapphire, a raw one. Diana Gabaldon is the New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels. (Other video markets around the globe may vary.). Talking to your bees is a very old Celtic custom (known in other parts … All rights reserved. “Houses,” released on September 29, 2020. This page was last updated on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, 2019 at 10:45 p.m. (Pacific Time) by Diana Herself or Diana’s Webmistress. Here are the most recent, with newest ones listed first, by temporary titles: “A Bit of Domesticity” Newest!

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